Getting Organised for 2016 - Lara Casey Shop Make It Happen Binder

Getting Organised for 2016: Diaries and Stationary

As the new year draws ever closer that urge to be fully prepared and getting organised for 2016 begins in earnest; I want to buy new stationary and planners and clean the office and  set everything in order for the new year. Alas, I don’t think this will all come to pass. I’m going to try my best to do a bit of tidying and planning, but a full scale Spring-clean is probably not within reach. But nevermind, being somewhat organised is better than chaos I suppose.

With this in mind I’ve been doing some internet window shopping and come across a host of lovely diaries, planners and generally helpful stationary. So here is a little run down of some of the things I found that look useful (and pretty, which is always nice!) .

Getting Organised for 2016 …

Okay, we will start with probably the most useful of all: the planners and diaries. Links to the products can be found after the pictures…

Getting Organised for 2016 - Busy B 2016 Diary, Paperchase Diaries

Getting Organised for 2016 - Busy B 2016 Floral Diary and Cath Kidston Woodland Rose 2016 Diary


  1. Busy B Busy Life 2016 Diary     2.  Paperchase Spot Polka A5 2016 Diary    3.  Paperchase Noto Small Blue 2016 Diary    4.  Cath Kidston Woodland Rose 2016 Diary    5.   Busy B 2016 Floral Diary


Getting Organised for 2016 - Lara Casey Shop Make It Happen Binder 2

Getting Organised for 2016 - Lara Casey Shop Make it Happen Power Sheets

6.   Lara Casey ‘Make It Happen’ Gold Foil Binder    7.  Lara Casey ‘Make It Happen’ Powersheets – A years worth of goal planning and motivation worksheets.

Getting Organised for 2016 - Smythson Notebooks, Paperchase Stationary, Cath Kidston

Getting Organised for 2016 - Paperchase Notebooks, Cath Kidston Stationary, Smythson Notebooks

8.  Smythson Wee Poodle Notebook   9.  Cath Kidston Woodland Rose Pen    10. Paperchase Gatsby Art Deco Writing Set   11. Smythson Dreams and Thoughts Lockable Notebook   12. Paperchase Raindrops A4 Stationary Storage   13.  Smythson Higgledy Piggledy Notebook   14. Smythson Every Cloud Notebook   15. Cath Kidston Woodland Rose Notecard Set   16. Cath Kidston Painswick Pen   17. Paperchase Ovals Notebook   18. Paperchase Argenzio Small Aqua Notebook.

How are you planning to get organised for the new year, any tips and tools that you find useful? I’ll be back soon with some more art I’ve been working on and also a few ‘personal’ posts which I hope to make more of a thing here… See you soon! And Merry Christmas!!!!

X, Anna

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