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About Anna Dray - Anna Dray & The Post

About Anna Dray

About Anna Dray 2

Hello! I’m Anna Dray. Although I don’t feel nearly qualified enough to call myself an artist, art is my primary occupation and I love it! Illustration is where I feel my hands work best, from fashion to dance, I love bringing the graceful lines and life to a page.

When I’m not drawing and painting I love to blog about art and my other inspirations in fashion, design and life. There is so much beauty out there and it can only be a good thing to share

Anna 101…

I hail from Kent, UK, where I was brought up and lived until 2018. I am now grateful to live in the rolling hills and peaceful countryside of the West Midlands.

From a very young age I was making cardboard dolls and drawing the fashion figurines I saw in catalogues (This was the 90’s! They were the only fashion inspiration I had!). However, things really changed when I started my blog – now called ‘The Post’ – way back in 2009. I suddenly found all these fashion shows and amazing sites full of inspiration I just had to draw. My style has evolved so much over the years, but a Dior dress can still make me pull out the inks and watercolour and get painting!

Facts & Figures

  1. I am a Christian! Somewhat unusual in this day and age but It’s a fact central to how I work and evolve as an artist. I highly recommend it! ;)
  2. I live with my family and two delightfully cheeky golden retrievers. I’m sure they will be making many an appearance in my work in the future, they do like to be the centre of attention!
  3. I love listening to music as I paint, from Hillsong to Ella Fitzgerald, I love a bit of everything.
  4. I don’t watch a lot of tv, but if It involves ‘Escape the the Chateau’ – I’m there!!
  5. One day I’m determined to build a home with roses around the door fill it with books, dogs and happy people (and possibly sheep, pigs, geese, chickens, alpacas!)

If muddy dogs, fashion illustration and beautiful sunsets and your jam you can see more of my day to day life over on Instagram. For hosts of beautiful images and my latest style and fashion finds, check out my Pinterest page. If you would like to get in touch you can do so via the contact page in the menu above.

Thank You!

About Anna Dray

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