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Couture Fall 2016 : All the Glamour from Paris - Anna Dray & The Post

Couture Fall 2016 : All the Glamour from Paris

Couture Fall 2016 : All the Glamour from Paris

Couture is like no other fashion moment. It sometimes boarders on the realm of art and sometimes on the cusp of fantasy, but it’s always amazing! The Couture Fall 2016 season was no different, with opulence in abundance and enough sparkle to get anyone going! So, without further ado, here we go…

Armani Prive

So we begin with the ever elegant Armani Prive. I always look forward to seeing what Giorgio comes up with for Couture. He always has his 90’s cosmopolitan aesthetic but plays around with it and can’t fail to come up with some gorgeous looks…

Couture Fall 2016 - Armani Prive

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There are hints of a modern greek goddess in these pieces from Givenchy: the delicate ruffles and folds really are as you may have seen millennia ago. However, they are resolutely 21st century too! You wouldn’t catch a greek maiden wearing black trousers under her dress and sporting these hairstyles!

Couutre Fall 2016 - Givenchy

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Giambattista Valli

Giambattista’s floral prints and delicate lace broke with the general trends from the couture shows. However, as with Armani, Giambattista Valli has his style and works well within it. The beautiful, bouncy, deep red mega dress as his finale did however have that wintry edge and brought it all together…

Couutre Fall 2016 - Giambattista Valli Couutre Fall 2016 - Giambattista Valli b Couutre Fall 2016 - Giambattista Valli a

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This season was the first in years that J.Mendel came back to Paris for a couture show, hopefully we won’t have to wait so long for his next. I definitely thought his New York cool added a lot to the week. Although sparkly, his pieces gave a bit a contemporary edge to proceedings…

Couutre Fall 2016 - J.Mendel

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Couture Fall 2016 b Couture Fall 2016 - Beauty Couture Fall 2016 c

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Elie Saab

¬†Elie Saab is always a name you can rely on for the Couture shows. Elie lives and breathes the opulence you want from these shows and you can always find plenty in his collections…

Couutre Fall 2016 - Elie Saab Couutre Fall 2016 - Elie Saab a

Atelier Versace

Surprises were had at Atelier Versace when instead of minimal fabric and maximum skin there were reams of sumptuous silk and delicate folds. A stand out show for me definitely…

Couture Fall 2016 - Atelier Versace 2 Couutre Fall 2016 - Atelier Versace c Couture Fall 2016 - Atelier Versace

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¬†Couture Fall 2016 – Completed! It was wonderful and every bit as beautiful as I had hoped. We have only a couple of months until the ready-to-wear shows so we’ve got lots to look forward to. Not to mention the Pre-Fall collections! I’m off to do some Couture illustrations I think (those Versace pieces are very tempting!), I’ll be back soon!…

Couture Fall 2016 - End

(Images from Vogue)

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