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Etsy Spotlight No.1 - New shops and Lovely Things - Anna Dray & The Post

Etsy Spotlight No.1 – New shops and Lovely Things

Etsy Spotlight No.1 – New shops and Lovely Things

Last month a lot of the ‘lovely things’ that I’ve come across have been on Etsy so I thought in lieu of an official ‘Lovely Things’ post for June I would do a new type of post : Etsy Spotlight. Being a member of Etsy means I come across so many wonderful creative people and gorgeous shops for all different wants and needs from Clothing to Ceramics. So, if you would like to find some new shops to delve into and to support the many independent, back-room entrepreneurs out there, here are a few to get you started…

Etsy Spotlight No.1

Danna Ray

Since coming across Danna Ray a few years ago I have been following her work and love everything she produces! Her modern landscapes and still life are vignettes of her adventures in the wilds of her home state of North Carolina and beyond. I love her use of broad strokes and earthy colours; she’s definitely an artist I’d love to add to my home gallery one day. (Links to the items below!)

You can Find her here: Etsy // Website // Instagram // Facebook and Pinterest .

Danna Ray Paintings - Etsy Spotlight No.1

1. Cascade // 2. Big Woods // 3. Green Boulder // 4. Broad

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French Girl Organics

I have to admit: it was the packaging that made me sit up and take notice of French Girl Organics. If we were grading on elegance alone this brand would win hands down. However, they also come up trumps in their ethos to skincare :

We hand make every product that French Girl Organics sells from my own original recipes that have been tested and used by our family for over 20 years. Organic. Vegan. No Animal Testing. That is our credo & we endeavor to support organic farming the world over by using 90-100% Certified Organic Ingredients to formulate our lovely offerings.

I can say no more: Sounds like a winner to me!

Find them here: Etsy // Facebook // Twitter

French Girl Organics - Etsy Spotlight No.1

1. Sea Polish // 2. Moonlight Lumiere // 3. Jasmin + Neroli Lumiere // 4. Facial Polish // 5. Hair Revive Oil 

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Fancy Felt Shop

In general I would probably say I’m a shoe girl, but there is always room for a gorgeous bag in life and I could very easily see myself falling for many of the offerings from the Fancy Felt Shop. It is a felt and leather bag company founded by Moscow based Tanya after having her little boy. She moved from Graphic design to bag making and hasn’t looked back. Her pieces are hand crafted, well made and extremely stylish…

Find her here: Etsy // Facebook // Twitter

Fancy Felt Shop - Etsy Spotlight No.1 Fancy Felt Shop - Etsy Spotlight No.1

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5.

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Jorey Hurley

I loooove browsing through Jorey Hurley’s shop and adding pretty much everything to my ‘one day I’m going to buy’ list. She is a California based illustrator and besides creating beautiful children’s books she also sells prints of her artwork and fabulous pillow cases too. The pieces below are just the tip of the ice berg – trust me! You’ll want everything!

Find Jorey here: Etsy // Blog // Instagram // Pinterest

Jorey Hurley - Etsy Spotlight No.1 Jorey Hurley 1- Etsy Spotlight No.1

1. Purple Puff Flower // 2. Confetti Dots // 3. Seal // 4. Blue and White China // 5. Poppy Pillow // 6. Geraniums in Bloom

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Sonia Cavallini

Lastly in our ‘Etsy Spotlight No.1’ we have the beautiful stationary of Sonia Cavallini. Sonia is an illustrator based in Lyon, France and has branched out into stationary and prints in her lovely Etsy Shop. Her work is colouful, detailed and warm, a wonderful combination!

Find Sonia here: Etsy // Website // Blog // Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest

Sonia Cavallini 1 - Etsy Spotlight No.1 Sonia Cavallini - Etsy Spotlight No.1

1. Notebook Set // 2. Toucan Art Print // 3. Mon Petit Journal // 4. Thank You Card // 5. Citrus Print

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Well there we have it: the first Etsy Spotlight! I hope you have found some new creatives to follow and be inspired by. I’ve got many more lined up so keep checking back for the next post. It’s Couture Fashion week at the moment though, so I might have a post on that coming very soon!!!

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