Etsy Spotlight: Shlomit Ofir

You know when you find one of those Etsy shops and you think ‘I want it ALL!!!’, well, that has happened to me on many occasions, but I think Shlomit Ofir takes the prize, I really do want it ALL!!! Everything is do pretty and shiny and golden!

Anyway, back to business: Shlomit Ofir is an eponymous shop full of wonderful jewellery created by Sholmit in her Tel Aviv studio. She studied Industrial Design and then began her little business which has grown and grown and she is now one of the top sellers on Etsy, and as you can see below, there is good reason! Shlomit has a offical website and a blog where you can find out more about her..

Shiny, Gorgeous, Golden Things! ↓

Arctic Necklace ↓

Kim Necklace ↓

Siren Necklace ↓

Art Deco Necklace ↓

Dream Catcher Earrings ↓

Scandinavia Necklace ↓

Colourful Waves Necklace ↓

Long Vitrage Necklace ↓

Dreamcatcher Necklace ↓

Turbulence Necklace ↓

Eleanor Hair Comb ↓

Karli Hair Pin ↓

Ariel Hair Comb ↓

Alana Hair Comb ↓

All images from Shlomit Ofir’s Etsy shop. There are many more gorgeous things on sale, so check her shop out!!…

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