Fashion Week! The Paris Spring 2017 Collections

Disappointment was not an option when it came to the Paris Spring 2017 shows. I knew all those Parisian designers would come up with the goods, as they always do. There were so many pieces that I want to paint – mostly thanks to Miu Miu! – so I’ll be looking forward to that soon. In the mean time, sit back, put your feet up and enjoy all the beauty from Paris…

— — — — Paris Spring 2017 — — — —

We’ll start with some beautiful, laid-back, Parisian chic pieces from the likes of Lemaire and Roland Mouret. These are followed by Alexander McQueen, Chloe and a beautiful floral collection from Giambattista Valli


— — —


— — —

paris-spring-2017-alexander-mcqueen paris-spring-2017-alexander-mcqueen-boots

— — —

Paris Spring 2017 Chloe

— — —

paris-spring-2017-giambattista-valli-a paris-spring-2017-giambattista-valli-b paris-spring-2017-giambattista-valli

Beauty Behind the Scenes

paris-spring-2017 paris-spring-2017-street-b paris-spring-2017-beauty paris-spring-2017-beauty-a

For our next pick n’ mix of collections we begin with Rochas, followed by a future proof Chanel. They are succeed by one of my favorite collections from fashion month : Miu Miu. There isn’t much Miuccia Prada can do wrong in my eyes, occasionally her Prada and Miu Miu collections don’t capture me, but when they do, THEY DO!


— — —

paris-spring-2017-chanel Paris Spring 2017 Chanel paris-spring-2017-chanel-a

— — —

Paris Spring 2017 Miu Miu paris-spring-2017-miumiu-a paris-spring-2017-miumiu-c paris-spring-2017-miumiu paris-spring-2017-miumiu-d

Last, but not least, we have a Red/Pink theme going on from our final few. Starting with Paule Ka we proceed to Givenchy , Elie Saab and Christian Dior with the big, beautiful Valentino as our finale…

paris-spring-2017-paule-ka-a paris-spring-2017-paule-ka

— — —


— — —


— — —

Paris Spring 2017 Christian Dior

— — —

paris-spring-2017-valentino-a Paris Spring 2017 Valentino

Well there we have it, Paris Spring 2017 c’est fini! Fashion month is over too, :( I’m not sure what to do with myself now, maybe actually get drawing! I’ve begun on one of my favorite pieces from New York so it won’t be long before I’ve pieces to share, time to get painting!…

Paris Spring 2017

(Images from Vogue.)

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