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Glen Keane's 'Nephtali' - Anna Dray & The Post

Glen Keane’s ‘Nephtali’

Glen Keane’s ‘Nephtali’

As you know, I love Ballet! I did a few unsuccessful lessons in Ballet when I was 6 , but even though it didn’t exactly work out, I still hold a great admiration for the beauty of ballet and also the strength and discipline of the ballerina’s themselves. More than anything , though, I love the grace and poise of ballet, there is nothing quite like it, and I hardly ever see a picture of a ballerina mid leap that I don’t want to paint. ( A theme I would like to work more on in the future!) Speaking of which, Glen Keane ( Claire Keane’s father !) the creator of  Disney’s Arial, Pocahontas, Aladdin and Belle has teamed up with Benjamin Millepied, the new Director of Dance at the Paris Opera to create this beautiful animation titled ‘Nephtali’ in celebration of this most exquisite of dances …

Glen worked with dancer Marion Barbeau to create the basis for the film which is inspired by Psalm 42 working on the comparison between the grace and elegance of a dancer and that of a deer. Watching it makes me want to dance and draw in equal measure. Maybe I will have to find a local adult ballet class, I would do it even for the shoes!

Images from Pudleiner. Video from 3rd Stage.


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