The Joys of Scrapbooking…


In the past year I have become an avid scrap-booker! In the age of Pinterest scrap-booking has become rather obsolete, but I know there are lots of people out there that still love to do it and I can only urge you to start yourself, it’s so fun!!

Naturally, my scrapbook generally revolves around fashion, but there are pictures of homes and cute animals and pretty places and a few written playlists as well. Apart from the process itself, I think one of the key things I like is the idea that in years to come I can look through it and enjoy it with children and grandchildren, and it can be a visual diary of my favourite things. So, I thought I would do a little run down of how I have been doing things and I hope you will start one too!!…

So far…

A few of the pages I have so far…

Scrapbook 2


What you may need…

Scrapbook 1



Aside from printing out pictures you like, find old magazines you don’t want any more and cut out pictures you like. Catalogues are also a good place to find images, remember to cut out little decorations you could use as well: flowers, little cute images , etc. Also, backgroud images! Try and find some full page pictures that you could use to create a scene you could glue other things onto, I always find pages with foliage/flowers are handy to have, but whatevwer takes your fancy really. Also, taglines! (as you can see above!) They come in very useful! Here are some good catalogues:

If you know of any more let me know, I’m always on the look out!

A cheap box file is very handy to keep the images tidy and pristine in.


I’m sure I could spend a fortune in craft/art shops , there are always more papers, stickers and embellishments to buy, a few definite things you will need are:

  • A good quality stick glue, nothing too runny as it can spoil light papers.
  • A nice sharp pair of scissors.
  • An art pad/scrapbook. You really need something with sturdy paper, it doesn’t have to be too think, but strong enough to hold out under a lot of glue. Also it is best if you get something with a ring-binding. Oh, also, preferably acid free!!
  • You may also need a hole-punch and string if you want to attach extras between the pages.

There are a few other things that may come in handy as well:

  • STICKERS!!! Those ones you see in craft shops, usually silver or gold, they have flowers, and letters and borders, and words, and all sorts!! They’re usually about £1.00, so not too expensive, you can always go back for more at a later date anyway;)
  • Craft paper. If you go to your local art shop they will probably have a section for all sorts of paper, so stock up on various colours, textures and patterns. You can always improvise though, a sheet from a newspaper can make a very interesting background!
  • A nice pen that you can use to display your best handwriting on titles, etc. Maybe go retro with gel pensMaybe even the smelly ones!

Scrapbook Big 5


A Little Run Down..

Scrapbook 3


  • First off I place things and move things about, make sure they are sitting right, I usually theme a page and try to have a bit on continuity through a few pages to keep things flowing, it’s fun to have a page that pops every so often though. I think I was going for a cosy/homely/elegant/pastel vibe for this page.
  • Next I find some complimentary background paper and cut it to size, I find if there are quite a few pictures then a more ‘silent’ background is best.

Scrapbook Big 2
Scrapbook Big 3


Once you’ve got everything stuck down then you can add a few sparkles of flowers, or whatever takes your fancy. They help tie everything together I think. So, this is the final result…


Scarpbook Big 4


I hope you have found this a bit interesting! I want to do more crafty/personal posts like this so hopefully I’ll be able to get my photography up to scratch and find some interesting things to do! Happy scrapbooking!!!

Toodles X

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