July’s Lovely Things

So, I’m going to initiate a new kind of post: ‘Lovely Things’. As you can imagine this will include some of the interesting a lovely things I have come across in the month, so I will try and have this post on the last day of every month. I think it will be fun to collect together and share my favourite  music, fashion, art, etc. And I would love to hear any suggestions from you also! I’m always on the look out for inspiring things, what ever it is. So, without further ado, here are July’s Lovely Things!…

← July’s Lovely Things →

So, I’m going to start proceedings with one of my favorite tracks of the month – Lianne La Havas with What You Don’t Do. As I type I am listening to Lianne’s new album Blood (in a family tree way, not the horror movie way!) which was released today!! And I already love it!…


Courtney Adamo…

If you are on Instagram you may have come across Courtney Adamo at some point. For some reason, since joining Instagram ( by the way, I don’t think I said before, I only went and got Instagram!!!!) I seem to be following a lot of mums documenting their cute children and inspiring lives, their posts are usually so sweet they make you remember to savour those family times and not take the bad stuff to heart. Anyway, Courtney’s instagram is one I particularly enjoy, she has 4 kids under 10, and has recently taken them on a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world for a year.It’s going to be interesting!!! You can find out a bit of the background information here.



By chance I came across Stowaway make-up through the Ann Street Studio site. Stowaway is a brand with a difference, it’s sort of mini-sized make-up but with a purpose: mainly so it doesn’t have to put some of those scary sounding preservatives in them. You can learn more about their ethos at their website. They cover the basics ( with some sleek packaging which is always nice!) like foundation, concealer, lipstick, blusher…etc. Unfortunately I think you can only get them in America at the moment, but if they ever cross the pond I shall give them a try I think…

(Images from Ann Street Studio)



…specifically Kurt Geiger shoes. I have to say, I do have a thing for shoes, which is strange as I don’t own many, or maybe that is why! Sometimes it is difficult to make things look elegant when you have size 8 feet (US 10!), but I still like to appreciate a good shoe and here are a few that caught my eye from Kurt Geiger

↑ KG Sweet


These three pictures, just because…


Might have to paint this one. (Via.)

I think I want a hall like this. The wallpaper! (Via.)


Cath Kidston x Gola.

Now tell me this, who can resist a pair of trainers with flowers on?! Exactly, no one!!! Especially not myself. I would rather like these two pairs. Cath Kidston does it again.


Joy Williams

I found the new album – Venus – from singer Joy Williams while doing a Spotify browse, and I am soooo, glad I did. You may know her from previously being one half of The Civil Wars. She is now singing solo and her new album is beautiful. It has a haunting charm to it, but also very relaxing. This song in particular I like – What a Good Woman Does – I hope you like it as well and can add Joy to your music library…


& Other Stories

Just a quick last one for July: these shoes from & Other Stories.

So that’s it for July, hope you found something new and interesting. If there is anything you’s like to put on the list then do leave comment. I will be back soon with the next in the ‘Secret Series’. See ya’ soon.

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