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Kirsty Mitchell's Wonderland - Anna Dray & The Post

Kirsty Mitchell’s Wonderland

Kirsty Mitchell’s Wonderland

Wonderland : Lady of The Lake

WonderlandI’ve been following Kirsty Mitchell’s ‘Wonderland’ series for a while now, only last year did she finish her epic 4 year photographic series. It is nothing short of amazing what Kirsty has created under a minuscule budget and small windows of opportunity. Every prop of costume was created, or sourced and utilised by Kirsty herself: she was designer, stylist, location scout and photographer all in one. You can see more of the series, behind-the-scenes photos and purchase prints at Kirsty’s Website. I hope you enjoy her creations as much as I do…

Wonderland : Wild ThingWonderland "Gammelyn's Daughter"

Wonderland "Gammelyn's Daughter, a Waking Dream"
Wonderland  'While Nightingales wept'
Wonderland : The Path of Possibilities
Wonderland 'The Guidance of Stray Souls'
Wonderland - 'She'll Wait For You In The Shadows Of Summer'
Wonderland - 'The Fade Of Fallen Memories'(Images from Kirsty’s Flickr portfolio)

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