Link Love.

Link Love.

Just thought I’d share a few of my favourite places to go when on the web. Hope you enjoy.

1. Wish Wish Wish

Wish Wish Wish is the blog that first inspired me to create one of my own. It has a neat and pretty layout – which I love – and  covers a range of catagories from fashion and accessories to tips and advice. There is also a useful post on starting your own blog.  I’d give yourself some time to check it out though, the first time I came across it I endend up going back over 25 pages of older entries.

2. The Selby

If your a little bit nosey like myself and love snooping around other people’s homes then The Selby is the site for you. You can cast your eye over the houses of Helena Christensen , Peaches Geldof and Erin Wasson among other interesting artists, musicians and creative people. I’ts very inspiring too. The picture below is of  Fergus and Caroline Smithson in their london home.


3.  Share My Playlists

Share my Playlists is a site that works alongside Spotify to help people share their playlists. If you become a Spotify member (It’s FREE by the way!) you can create a playlist from the songs on Spotify and post it on the website, then if someone wants to listen to the playlist they simply click ‘play now’ and the playlist will appear on their spotify ready to listen to, simple. I might suggest Phil Wilce’s monthly playlists as a start.

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