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London Fall 2016 : Fashion Week - Anna Dray & The Post

London Fall 2016 : Fashion Week

London Fall 2016 : Fashion Week

The month of Fashion Weeks always goes by in a flash and that is no different for the London Fall 2016 Fashion Week, as soon as it’s here it’s gone and we’re on to the next. Let’s talk about London though. As always, it bought that creative, out-there, sometimes bonkers, edge to fashion that London Fashion Week is known for. Through the seasons though, I’ve seen it become more refined in it’s ideas and it’s not so much the rebellious little sister in the fashion week family and you feel it’s much more purposely fashion forward. It’s always fun to see what the designers come up with next, you never quite know what’s to come, but you know it’s going to be interesting. So, without further ado, here are the pieces that caught my eye…

+— London Fall 2016 —+

So, where to start? I think with one of the designers I always look forward to catching up with: David Koma. Next we have Pringle of Scotland, then another of my favorites: Roksanda

David Koma

London Fall 2016 - David Koma - Copy London Fall 2016 - David Koma 2 - Copy

London Fall 2016 - David Koma 1 - Copy

Pringle of Scotland

London Fall 2016 - Pringle of Scotland - Copy


London Fall 2016 - Roksanda - Copy London Fall 2016 - Roksanda 2 - Copy London Fall 2016 - Roksanda 1 - Copy

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London Fall 2016 - Street London Fall 2016 - Background 2 London Fall 2016 - Background 1 London Fall 2016 - Background 3 London Fall 2016 - Background

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For our second selection of looks we start with the return of Alexander McQueen to the London Fall 2016 runways; then we have Duro Olowu, Huishan Zhang, then Emila Wickstead and Erdem and finally Peter Pilotto and Temperly London

Alexander McQueen

London Fall 2016 - Alexander McQueen

Duro Olowu

London Fall 2016 - Duro Olowu

Huishan Zhang

London Fall 2016 - Huishan Zhang

Emilia Wickstead

London Fall 2016 - Emilia Wickstead


London Fall 2016 - Erdem

Peter Pilotto

London Fall 2016 - Peter Pilotto

Temperley London

London Fall 2016 - Temperley London

So that’s the London looks that caught my eye. A good bunch of pieces I think, London did good. Next of course we have Milan, which should be good, I’ll be back with a few new posts before we go through Milan though. See you on the flip side!

Anna X

Images from Vogue.

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