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Lorna G's Grand Budapest Hotel - Anna Dray & The Post

Lorna G’s Grand Budapest Hotel

Lorna G’s Grand Budapest Hotel

I know I’m probably breaking some kind of law, but I have to confess: I’ve never seen ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’!! I know this is criminal, but from the trailer, although very beautiful, it looked a bit surrealist, which isn’t really my cup o’ tea. (I may be wrong though, never judge a book by its cover an’ all!). However, I can heartily appreciate this piece of art by graphic designer and illustrator Lorna G. Isn’t it beautiful! So crisp and colourful. This is definitely my cup o’ tea!


Barcelona based Lorna has a website, Behance page and also a shop in which you can find all sorts of goodies: IPhone cases, pillows, art prints and stationary to satisfy your ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ desires.





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