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Manger ~ A Chateau in Ruins - Anna Dray & The Post

Manger ~ A Chateau in Ruins

Manger ~ A Chateau in Ruins

Manger is one of those blogs you wish you had found long ago, one that makes you feel like you really should plant vegetables, take long walks and have lots of children and dogs – one day I shall definitely do all of these.

Mimi Thorisson and her Husband are the creators of this beautiful place. Mimi and her family live in the stunning countryside of Medoc, France . Her surroundings and memories inspire her to create delicious looking dishes, while her Husband’s photography captures the scene…

I love atmospheric food photography and also pictures of interesting places and people, so this website is one I’ll be bookmarking. The photography by Oddur Thorrison reminds me of that of another of my favorite photographers : Anna Williams. You may see more of Oddur and Mimi’s beautiful images again…

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