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Master Spotlight : John Frederick Lewis - Anna Dray & The Post

Master Spotlight : John Frederick Lewis

Master Spotlight : John Frederick Lewis


John Frederick Lewis

The above picture, called ‘The Reception’ is one of the pictures that has really made an influence on my love of art. I first saw it as a small picture in a feature in Vogue. As soon as I saw it I was searching the edges of the page for the picture credits. As you can imagine, it turned out to be by John Frederick Lewis. It’s just so detailed I can’t imagine how intricate he must have had to have been to get the mix of shadow and light complete. It creates a sumptuous atmosphere and I can just imagine lounging on one of the beds in the heat of the day, dipping my toes in the pool to try and cool down…

   Who : John Frederick Lewis

   When: 1804 -1876

   Where: Born in London

   What: Lewis was known as a ‘Orientalist’ painter. This was cultivated from his years spent in Cairo where he lovingly painted scenes of Egyptian and Mediterranean life. He used mainly watercolours and oils to create his beautifully detailed pictures.

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