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Fashion Week Finale : Milan & Paris - Anna Dray & The Post

Fashion Week Finale : Milan & Paris

Fashion Week Finale : Milan & Paris

Once again I’ve been delving through the show reels from the Milan and Paris Fall 2017 shows. I’m not sure I’ll ever tire of seeing all the amazing new designs that appear; you think you’ve seen it all then they come up with something new to wow you! I’m looking forward to settling down to painting some of my favorites now all the shows are in and accounted for. Without further ado, here are the looks that got me going…

Milan & Paris Fall 2017


Step One : Fall

Probably best to start with those pieces that really do evoke that Autumn/Fall feeling. Beginning with a sophisticated Jil Sander we move on to an equally sophisticated, but cosy, MaxMara. Next up there is a lovely sleek collection from Salvatore Ferragamo, followed by Dries Van Noten and Bottega Veneta

Paris Fall 2017 - Jil Sander

Paris Fall 2017 - MaxMara Paris Fall 2017 - Salvatore Ferragamo Paris Fall 2017 - Dries Van Noten Paris Fall 2017 - Bottega Veneta Paris Fall 2017 - Spot 1


Paris Fall 2017 - Spot 3

Step Two : The Blue Period

Aside from all the autumnal colours there was a definite move for the cooler, more wintry tones, Blue being the preferred choice. Christian Dior was definitely the house that took blue and ran with it as far as possible, woe betide any other colour trying to slip in, if you weren’t blue, you were out! Other’s following the cooler tones were Atlein, Vionnet and Aquilano.Rimondi

Paris Fall 2017 - Christian Dior Paris Fall 2017 - Christian Dior 1 Paris Fall 2017 - Christian Dior 2 Paris Fall 2017 - Atlein Paris Fall 2017 - Vionnet Paris Fall 2017 - Aquilano.Rimondi 1 Paris Fall 2017 - Aquilano.Rimondi


Paris Fall 2017 - Spot 2

Step Three: Mint and Rouge

As the title suggests, this last selection of pieces had a mint and red theme. They aren’t immediately obvious bedfellows, but in these collections, there was definitely a spark there. Vivetta’s bold looks are our starting point; followed by Balenciaga and some beautiful Lanvin pieces. For our final look I don’t think there is a better way to round off the fashion month than with one of my favorite collections: the ever ethereal, ever beautiful Valentino….

Paris Fall 2017 - Vivetta Paris Fall 2017 - Balenciaga Paris Fall 2017 - Lanvin 1 Paris Fall 2017 - Lanvin Paris Fall 2017 - Valentino 1 Paris Fall 2017 - Valentino

There we have it, fashion month complete! A host of wonderful creations have taken to the runway and I’ve had lots of inspiration for the coming season – in clothes and art! So we bid adieu to New York, London, Milan and Paris and look forward to seeing them all again soon. It’ll come sooner than we think!

 ~ Adieu ~

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