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Milan Spring 2017 - Fashion Week comes to Italy... - Anna Dray & The Post

Milan Spring 2017 – Fashion Week comes to Italy…

Milan Spring 2017 – Fashion Week comes to Italy…

As the Milan Spring 2017 shows have come and gone I thought it high time I went through and picked my favorites again. The anticipation of what wonders may be unveiled in the shows never wains for me. Most likely I shall still be settling in with a cup of cocoa and scrolling through the shows when I’m 100! Whether the show season will look the same as it does now I doubt – it’s all change in the fashion calendar at the moment! But hey, nevermind, where there’s designers feeling creative, there will be shows to inspire us…

Milan Spring 2017

Beginning with the darker, more brooding palette, we’ll move on to the midtones and finish with the brights. On that line, we begin with an uncharacteristically dark Alberta Ferretti, then move on to Dolce & Gabbana and Versace. Flowing into the midtones, we have a beautiful minimalist, modern collection from Salvatore Ferragamo followed by some athleisure from MSGM

alberta-ferretti-milan-spring-2017 milan-spring-2017-dolce-gabbana dolce-gabbana-milan-spring-2017 versace-milan-spring-2017-a milan-spring-2017-versace salvatore-ferragamo-milan-spring-2017 milan-spring-2017-salvatore-ferragamo salvatore-ferragamo-milan-spring-2017-a msgm-milan-spring-2017

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Sliding down the scale into lighter tones and textures we have a 70’s mix from Prada. Prada is followed by a highly colourful Missoni, then some Etro, Fendi and finally Luisa Beccaria

prada-milan-spring-2017 prada-milan-spring-2017-b prada-milan-spring-2017-a missoni-milan-spring-2017 etro-milan-spring-2017 fendi-milan-spring-2017 fendi-milan-spring-2017-a luisa-beccaria-milan-spring-2017-a

Milan – finito! – for now! I’ve really enjoyed Milan this season, lots of colour and diveristy in style. We all know who holds the gold medal for this though, yep, Paris! Conveniently that is our next stop! But for now…


(Images from Vogue)

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