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Oh Vivienne! - Anna Dray & The Post

Oh Vivienne!

Oh Vivienne!

I have been meaning to write about this dress for a very long time. This is , in my opinion, the perfect dress. I realise it may not be to everybody’s tastes but I can just imagine sauntering along in the sunshine , skirt swaying, me smiling like a maniac. Anyway. The dress is by – The Practically Perfect In Every Way – Vivienne Westwood. The dress is called the Anglomania Monroe dress. As far as I can tell it comes in Black , Pink and Green. My preferance would be green as apparently it’s my colour but they’re all very pretty. You can get them on various sites such as net-a-porter or coogles, but for variety i’d try trinity retail. Here’s a pic of my favourite one.

vivienne westwood  monroe dress

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