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Remembering ELLEgirl - Anna Dray & The Post

Remembering ELLEgirl

Remembering ELLEgirl

Most people will never have heard of ELLEgirl. Due to money issues or something the magazine was scrapped a few years ago. However, it may be gone, but it’s not forgotten. For me, ELLEgirl was a revelation. I’d been reading the likes of Mizz, Go Girl, Stargirl (the list goes on) and ELLEgirl was my brigde into ‘grown-up’ magazines such as ELLE. The difference between ELLEgirl and its contempories was its tendency to veer into the more ‘individual’ kind of fashion. Cosmogirl et al were all very well for light reading, but they didn’t set my imagination on fire like ellegirl did. It had far more entriguing articles and the editorials were ‘different’ in comparison.

I’m going to dig out my old copies and post some of the pics and articles.  Though Ellegirl may be gone, through this blog, I will keep it alive!!! ;)

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