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Ricky and David : Illustration - Anna Dray & The Post

Ricky and David : Illustration

Ricky and David : Illustration

So I’ve been doing a bit more painting and I’ve two pieces to post on today. One is another of my Fall 2015 illustrations, the other is a very stylish Ralph Lauren advertisment that I could only think about painting once I’d seen. So, here we go…

David Koma

First off, above, we have one of my favourite pieces from David Koma’s London show, I wasn’t sure how it would translate to an illustration as it’s quite minimal and dark, but it worked okay. There’s a ¬†few flaws in the shadows and highlights, but I like the general 60’s vibe. I seem to be focusing on that decade with my illustrations, even though the shows themselves were undoubtedly all about the 70’s…



Next we have a very stylish advertisement from Ralph Lauren for his ‘Ricky’ sunglasses, hence the name. Don’t you just wish you could look this elegant and pulled together all the time! Anyway, I really enjoyed this one, there is something about large expanses of black that bring out the other features really nicely. ‘Ricky’ is available as prints in A4/8×10″ and also A5/ 5X7″ at the shop


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