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Anna Dray: Getting to know more about me…

Well, Hello there! Nice to meet you, my name is Anna Dray and I’m going to tell you a bit about myself….

…this post has been rather a long time coming. I have wanted to be a bit more personal here on the blog, but this and that, and a dose of shyness, have stopped me from actually doing it. But no more! One of my goals for 2016 and the blog is to be more revealing about myself and try and be original, so I thought I’d start with a bit of a run down of me and my life…

 — My Life —

So, to start with I’ll tell you the basics: as you probably know, my name is Anna Dray. Right now I am 24 years old and I will reach my 25th birthday in September – I’m thinking of planning a little holiday for that so hopefully I can go somewhere photogenic! I live in the suburbs of a market town in Kent which is the most south-easterly county in the UK. At the moment I still live with my parents, sister and two golden retrievers, until I can save up enough money to go it alone, but I like living at home so I’m in no hurry. My occupation is a complex one in that on one hand I am growing my skills in illustration and blogging, and on the other, for a bit of consistency, I work as a carer/cleaner/gardener! A varied mix for sure!

Anna Dray 1

My goals for the near future are to begin working full-time in illustration/ blogging. I have a lot of ideas that I would like to fulfill in art though, from ceramics to embroidery art, so I would like to keep learning and trying new things. I think fashion will always be a focus for what I create, it’s been one of my favorite things since I was very young and I would copy pictures of the beautiful fashions from the Tudors and Victorians. I’ve just always loved it! On a completely different note, I would also love to go to Bible College! Rather left field I know, but I’ve been a Christian for many years now and it is probably one of  the most central thing about me, so Bible College is definitely something I’d like to do in the next couple of years.

 Long term goals?  I have this picturesque idea of living on a small holding with a family of my own, having a large garden to try and make a little haven from the hustle and bustle and to be able to enjoy the little things. Cliche as it sounds, I think it is probably similar to many peoples dreams of escaping to the countryside and soaking up the rural way of life. I don’t want to become a hermit though, I’s still like to be able to travel and see new places and do new things, and still paint and create and see what exciting places things take me. It’s going to be good, and once I have bought myself a good camera and worked out how on earth to use it I would like to start documenting this adventure here and  getting to know your adventures too!…

My Loves —

Anna Dray 2.5

Obviously fashion is probably one of my fore-most loves, I really enjoy going through the shows each season and picking out any gems to paint, but I also love historical fashion, which is something I haven’t painted for a long time so I might look at doing that soon. Along with fashion there is also obviously Art –  it was always my favorite subject in school and I also loved doing my own things at home , mainly drawing my favorite pictures from magazines, it’s amazing to think that that simple enjoyment in copying pictures has brought me to where I am today! It all started with that. Then there is also blogging! It’s only a recent realisation really, but I love to blog! I love creating new graphics and finding lovely things to post about. I think my realisation that I really love doing it is one of the reasons I want to make more of a effort to make my posts original and helpful and enjoyable ( I’ll do a separate ‘blog ambitions’ post soon!).

So other than fashion, art and blogging, what else do I enjoy? Well, I’m probably quite typical in that I love reading, listening to music and things like that. I generally always have a book on the go, at the moment it is one of the ‘Chalet School’ books. I’d never heard of them before, but my Mum read some when she was younger and someone gave her a few some years ago and she really enjoyed reading them as an adult so I gave them a go and loved them!! They are really sweet and wholesome and that is quite hard to find these days, they are just nice to read before bed to forget all the bad news of the day. Other than these, I love reading the Jane Austen books, pretty much everything by Meg Cabot – they are hilarious! – and I often re-read My Family and Other Animals’  by Gerald Durrell (again, it is soooo funny!). I seem to have a thing for funny books!

Anna Dray 5

Anna Dray 3

Although I don’t follow star signs, I do seem to have the Virgo trait of loving to organise! It may seem a little strange, but it really is one of my loves. Hence my adoration of stationary and planners! It’s not just organising my day I love though, I love tidying and sorting and alphabetizing and all those sorts of lovely things like that. That’s not to say I am tidy though! I like tidying in bursts, so every few weeks I’ll have a few hours of intense organising which I enjoy exceedingly, but then it’s back to the normal not so tidy state. But I love it all the same. My desire for a clean and tidy home is not helped at all by two big dogs that leave their muddy footprints everywhere and enjoy making the place as untidy as possible! But, we seem to love them even though they do this, and sometimes I think we love them because they are so naughty! I don’t think a run down of my loves would be complete if I didn’t have a large space for Alfie and Harry. All dog owners will know that they just bring such joy and laughter that life would seem so boring and incomplete without them now. As I write Harry has just wandered up looking for some attention, they choose the most inconvenient times! But I love them. :)

Anna Dray 7 Anna Dray 6

So there we go, a little run down of my life, there is probably a lot more I could say, but all in good time. I shall be making very organised plans to do many more personal posts and all sorts of other original things hopefully. But for now, thank you for taking some time to get to know me a little better and I hope we can do this again sometime!

Lots of Love,



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