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A few weeks ago I had an interesting email from a representative for Simply Be. She asked if I wanted to do a couple of illustrations for their #SimplyBeReal campaign, my answer: yes!


So, the idea behind the campaign was to illustrate the, sometimes embarrassing, ‘real’ moments from bloggers. I had the pleasure of ¬†working on the moments of Afroblush and Pippa Says. You may recognise these from your own lives, I know I did!!

Simply Be Real Pippa

Simply Be Real For Louisa

It was very exciting to see the process for submitting illustrations and invoices and things, another thing I took from the experience…I need to practice more!!!!!

Be back soon…

Master Spotlight: Arthur Claude Strachan


Arthur Claude Strachan

I haven’t done a ‘Master Spotlight’ in a while and I’ve been wanting to do a post with some of the idyllic paintings by Arthur Claude Strachan, so here we have a Arthur Claude Strachan ‘Master Spotlight’…

Arthur was born in Edinburgh in 1865 and is probably best known for painting pretty countryside scenes -some have called them a bit sentimental and twee,but I think they’re just lovely! Arthur studied in Liverpool before travelling around England painting the landscapes and people. Arthur died in 1929. Here is a look at some of his lovely summer scenes to help alleviate the winter grey for a time…

(Images from all sorts of places, mainly google!)