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Angela Moultons Beautiful Birds…

Angela Moulton’s Beautiful Birds

Angela Moulton’s beautiful little paintings of birds are another one of the things I can thank Etsy for. With Spring showing its face a little more every day and the birds playing in the trees Angela’s colourful, personable pictures seem entirely apt. These pictures of hers come from her ‘Painting a Day’ series. There are a handful here, but take a peek at her portfolio and Etsy shop and you will see all the beuaty on offer there. The original artworks land at her Etsy shop not long after completion so you can snap up a little birdie of your own…


A few weeks ago I had an interesting email from a representative for Simply Be. She asked if I wanted to do a couple of illustrations for their #SimplyBeReal campaign, my answer: yes!


So, the idea behind the campaign was to illustrate the, sometimes embarrassing, ‘real’ moments from bloggers. I had the pleasure of ¬†working on the moments of Afroblush and Pippa Says. You may recognise these from your own lives, I know I did!!

Simply Be Real Pippa

Simply Be Real For Louisa

It was very exciting to see the process for submitting illustrations and invoices and things, another thing I took from the experience…I need to practice more!!!!!

Be back soon…