The Lovely

The Lovely ?!

You may be wondering why you’ve found a bit of an anomaly in how the blog has looked these past few days, yep, I’ve changed the name! After merging the portfolio and blog together I found I wanted to redefine them and figure out where I wanted to go. I love to paint, but I also love blogging and finding interesting and inspiring things to share and I think it was a bit misleading having my name as the title as it didn’t encompass all that the blog was about. So, I’ve gone along the theme of ‘lovely things’ and called it ‘The Lovely’. I want it to be a celebration of fashion, art, life and all the lovely things this world has to offer. I’ve been thinking hard about what I really want from this blog and (even though I’ve been doing this for nearly 7 years!!!) I think I haven’t got to where I want it to be by any stretch of the imagination. There’s still a lot of growing and learning to be done.

But anyway, for now, I hope you like the name change and we will see where this ship sails, It’s going to be an adventure!

X Anna

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