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The Wonderful Claire Keane - Anna Dray & The Post

The Wonderful Claire Keane

The Wonderful Claire Keane

A search tells me that, for some strange reason, I haven’t posted about the wonderful Claire Keane on the blog before. I have been following Claire’s work for a long time now, having been introduced to it from searching on the concept art for ‘Frozen’. Her style is cute and gorgeous and whimsical and I love it!


Claire on a Cloud…

Claire has previously worked for Disney as a Visual Development Artist for all sorts of things including Frozen and Tangled. She comes from an enviable family tree of artists (Her Father, Glen Keane, worked for Disney on films such as Pocahontas, Aladdin and The Little Mermaid!) and has recently published her first beautiful children’s book (although I would buy one for myself!) Once Upon A Cloud. You can keep track of what she’s up to on her website, instagram, twitter and facebook (watch out for her hilarious sketches of life with little children!). And if you want a slice of her art just for yourself, she also has a shop¬†stocked with prints.¬†I’m sure you’ll love her art as much as I do!…






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