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What's It All About? - Anna Dray & The Post

What’s It All About?

What’s It All About?

Well , What am I about?

Basically I am beginning this blog so I can inform the wide world of any little treasures I might find out there, be it fashion, music, books.
I shall probably focus on fashion – i’m always having those WOW moments when I find a certain pair of shoes or an amazing dress or something.
I may form playlists every so often aswell since I spend (some may say waste!) the majority of my time listening to music. I’ll also post stuff about artists that inspire me and may even post a few of my own artistic attempts
-we’ll see.
Btw, I am a 17 yr old female currently studying Art and Psycology, hoping to become a world renowned artist/illustrator – I can dream.

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